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It doesn't feel like the end of January already!

Betrayal last night was as good as I remember - we had a really good time. Juliette Binoche is still as beautiful as ever, it's just not fair.

I'm concerned about things at work, but I can't talk about it here.

I still don't have my cellfone back.

I DO have all of my tax info now, so I can send it to my accountant next week. I hope I can afford my taxes this year.

Man, the club was so crowded last night that I couldn't find Jen and Whitney at all - so I didn't bother to stick around for the show... I was kind of tired after the Houdini reading, anyway. The reading was good, but it does need some work. Just not compelling enough for me. But speaking of compelling, Cannibal! the Musical is coming to off-Broadway this spring. Love that movie.

I found out that Liev Schreiber (who I'm seeing tonight in Betrayal) is doing a short story reading as part of a series at Symphony Space on Valentine's Day. Jen, Trish, Ngoc and I are making it "single girl's night out" and going. Mrowr.

Aw, the folks at Virgin Atlantic replied to my note. I wrote them after my London trip to say what a pleasure it was flying on Virgin. See? I do sometimes say nice things as opposed to complaints. Let me say again how much I enjoyed flying on Virgin. They also post-credited my miles into my Virgin frequent-flyer membership, which I signed up for immediately after my trip. How cool! I doubt I will have as exciting a flight to Utah this weekend.

My favorite ebay description today, for a copy of Les Miserables:

Here is an EXTREMELY thick paperback, excellent for homeschoolers and highschoolers, 1232 pages long, if you can believe that!! But once you read this, I promise you....YOU WILL BE CULTURED.......ha! Paypal, checks, money orders, good used condition. shipping in the US is $3, since it is so THICK!!

Oh - just heard that Liev cancelled for the reading on the 14th. Heck, we're still going. Robert Sean Leonard will be there and that's almost as good.

Back to work today, and I'm glad (now that I'm here, I'm glad - I didn't want to get out of bed this morning). Moping on the couch wouldn't have done me any good, it's not productive. I made an attempt to call the Matawan train station, in the hopes that someone might have found my cellfone there. However, NJ Transit tells me that they don't have a phone number. NJ Information tells me that they don't have a phone number. And nowhere on the web can I find a listing for the train station. Um. I'm sure they have a phone. I don't get it. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the Operations VP at work to find out if I should go buy a new phone, or if VV will replace it. I just hope I hear back soon - I feel very unconnected.

I never watched Survivor last season. But for some reason (OK, the reason was that there were many nearly naked buff men), we watched last night. It was alright. I could not move from the couch, but I think that has more to do with the amount of chips and soda I ingested during the first quarter. has my favorite Superbowl ad up already. Everyone at work is mocking it today.

I watched the first part of Kieslowski's Trois Coleurs trilogy on Saturday night - Blue - and I want to watch the other two films as well again, but tonight I have a workshop and a cabaret show, tomorrow I'm seeing Betrayal (also with Juliette Binoche, who was in Blue), Wednesday I'm going out with Trish and Irene, and Thursday I leave for Salt Lake City. Maybe next week I'll catch up on the movies.

Yes, that WAS me on 1010 WINS radio tonight - they grabbed Keith and me at intermission of Miss Saigon to ask about our opinions of the show closing, etc. Chalk up another minute in my media fame. Cool. The show was good - I saw about 12 people that I knew, and all of our friends (except Trish, who was over at some Disney show ;-) were there, too. And as soon as it was over, Jen and I ran downtown so as not to miss the kickoff. I can't believe the Giants got so decimated. What an un-exciting game - and the commercials were disappointing! We now have so many leftovers tho... imagine us, throwing a Superbowl party. It's just not right, somehow.

Then again, I might be so tired that I can't make to NJ today. I got up at 10, IM'd Joe that I wasn't going to make it, and went back to bed until noon. And spent the day doing laundry and sitting on the couch with the TV.

Well, I'm back from NJ now, without my cellfone (which is either hiding in Mom's house, disguised as a cat toy, or somewhere in the Matawan train station), and with a crashed Palm Pilot (second time in three weeks, I am not amused), so I am going to enjoy a very low-tech weekend.

The wake and funeral were as expected - sad, strange, and full of family I hadn't seen in years, and new family I had never met (welcome to the east coast, Heidi and Sierra!). It wasn't as cold as we'd been expecting, either. Nanny is buried in Middletown, next to her first husband - and no, the tombstone was NOT carved with the year of death as "19--" as she had told people - and in the same cemetary are also Vince Lombardi and the head of the Genovese crime family, so she's in good company. I was commenting that I think I prefer the Jewish funeral rites a little better, as the entire ceremony is done graveside (at least at the last Jewish funeral I went to, it was). I'm also not a big churchgoer, so that might have something to do with it. I did my reading alright, although the text that was on the podium for me to read was NOT the text that Dad had faxed over (same book of the Bible, different passage, it had the word "unsullied" in it, very Hamlet). I didn't stay around for lunch with the rest of the family as I was falling asleep on my very-achy feet. I didn't sleep too well last night, and when I got back to the city, I fell right asleep and just woke up an hour or so ago.

I really liked the priest who did the funeral mass: "Dorothy is up there with Jesus, and she's trying to explain all of you to him! How's she going to do that? 'This one has a mental problem, and this one is just weird.' Try to imagine that!" He was as funny as someone can be in the circumstances.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to NJ (I almost forgot, since my Pilot is out of commission) to do some computer-geek stuff with Joe. And Sunday is the Saigon closing (oh, we got tix) and then the Superbowl. Rush rush rush.

I went by Music Man last night to pick up a copy of the overture score, and walked through it with David Chase. It's going to be a lot of fun. Trish came with me, as I had to give her a CD I picked up in London for her, and we decided to see The Full Monty as they had rush tix available at the last minute. Front row, good for us. Something seemed to be wrong with Kathleen Freeman, one of the actresses, tho - she kept missing cues and lines, and flubbed all of her songs. The other cast members looked out-of-character concerned for her, and the conductor was mouthing/prompting all of her lyrics for her. We were thinking they would take her out at intermission, but they didn't... it was really bad. Anyway, Patrick Wilson AND Craig Bierko in the span of a half-hour. I can deal with that.

I packed up the twenty copies of my book proposal to mail.

I started my guest-admin of today.

My interview with Michael Cumpsty is online.

Day two of real shoes. Next week's goal = sneakers.

Tonight I'm seeing Phantom with mom, and then going to NJ until Friday, for Nanny's wake and funeral.

In good news, I'm wearing my real boots today - not my snow boots. And they only marginally hurt.

Passed the time yesterday by watching some BBC footage of The Beautiful Game that a friend sent me from London - makes me want to go back and see it again - and some Jerome Pradon footage of him in Nine. The funny part about that video is that it was a special on Nine, which was performed in French, done for Italian TV. So there's Jerome et al speaking French, being translated into Italian by the voiceover. But he looked good. I don't know what it is about him.

This is the feel-good story of the day.

My grandmother passed away this afternoon, two hours after they took her off the ventilator. She never woke up from the coma, which is good - it was quick and painless. The wake is Thursday, and the funeral is on Friday. I'll be doing one of the readings at the funeral mass, but I don't think that counts towards my 15 minutes of fame.

I rescheduled my jury duty for April, via the automated phone line, and stayed home from work today. I'll go in tomorrow, because there's nothing I can do from home except sit on the couch and watch TV, and that's just not exciting or productive.

Big thanks to everyone who emailed me with their thoughts - I do appreciate it.

My dad called me at 9am this morning to tell me my grandmother took a bad fall and was in the hospital in a non-responsive coma. She probably isn't going to make it. I hopped the train to NJ, and had mom drive down to the hospital. Lots of family. It's not a good day. Uncle Joe's going to bring back a copy of her living will tomorrow, and they'll probably take her off the ventilator. It all happened so fast that I haven't had time to take it all in. And tomorrow it'll be too late.

Must get out of jury duty.

So I went to see Snatch with my new friend Ari last night - I so loved the movie when Jen and I saw it in Ireland and it was just as good this time. Better, actually, because we didn't miss the first five minutes this time. So as we're picking the theatre, Ari says, "I don't want to go to Union Square, because this chick I know goes to school near there, and I don't want to run into her." I reply, "Don't be silly, what are the chances of running into someone you know at the movies?" Well, lo and behold, we go to the theatre and I run into Jonathan - sitting a row ahead of us! It is indeed a small world, heh.

I called my physical therapist yesterday afternoon, and asked his advice about my swollen foot (which at the time was still swollen to the size of a baseball). He said "ice, elevation, and put it back in the air cast for a while." So I am back in the cast and not happy about it, but at least my foot isn't swollen today. I'm going to limp up to City Center to see Time and Again with Bruce Kimmel, of Fynsworth Alley, and then get together with Jonathan, for another movie or dinner or something. I also need to sit down and type up the Copenhagen interviews that I did, but maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I just hate typing up notes.

Time has passed... and Time and Again was disappointing. It was a blast hanging out with Bruce tho, always nice to meet a theatregoer as catty as I am. But I wanted the show to be better. I love the novel, and was really looking forward to it. But from the Somewhere in Time beginning to the non-memorable music, to the underdeveloped characters and plot... nope, didn't do it for me. Perhaps the next viewing will be better (I have tix to see it twice more). Very talented cast tho.

And I think I will make food come to me, and transcribe my interview notes.

So I got home last night, and my left ankle was swollen to the size of a baseball. I elevated it overnight, and it's less-swollen today. That's really weird. It's not painful, but just swollen. Hrm.

Anyway, last night - Music Man from the pit! It was a complete blast. I hung out with David, the musical director, and met the backstage crew etc. Had a quick fitting for a costume (to the shouts of "girl on the train!" from the other musicians) since I'll be conducting from the stage, and then I got to watch the show from the pit (or rather, watch David and the pianist, who's amazingly good). The overture is conducted in time to a click-track, so there's really no way to screw it up. I got to listen to the click through headphones during the overture so I could follow along. David and I are going to get together on Tuesday before the show to rehearse on the stage. I can't wait, it'll be a blast.

Village Ventures bought sassy fleece jackets for everyone, with the logo on them. So yesterday, we played with Mary's Polaroid camera to take some pictures of the staff all dressed up. Of course, we couldn't figure out the timer on the camera, so the first few pictures came out horribly - take a look.

My ceiling was dripping water last night. I cleared off my desk (where it was dripping) and put a bowl out to collect the water. Left a message for the super AGAIN this morning to come take a look and fix whatever it is that's leaking.

Oh, I did not want to get out of bed this morning to go to phsyical therapy. But I did, and it was mercifully short today. But hard - I limped out of there in more pain than when I walked in, but that's from using muscles I haven't thought about in months. Ow. But at least overall it feels better than before.

I saw Dinner With Friends last night - and all I can say is, "THAT won the Pulitzer?" I was not that impressed, I like shows where things actually happen. Nothing happened in this one, I was a little bored. It's no Copenhagen.

My literary agent sent back the latest draft of my proposal with the last few edits. Now I have to make a bunch of copies to send back, along with copies of articles that I've been mentioned in (already printed, that part is done), so they can send those copies to publishers for their consideration. How exciting! Must print!

I can't believe it's snowing.

I can't believe I talked to Michael Cumpsty - what a sexy phone voice. I have to type up my notes from the interview tonight. I'm going to talk to Phil Bosco tomorrow, and the folks at Fynsworth Alley are trying to get in touch with Blair Brown as well, so I could talk to the entire cast. Very cool. Michael confirmed that he was cast in the 42nd Street revival - yet another reason for me to see it! I don't think I've mentioned lately that you can buy the recording of Copenhagen from the Fynsworth Alley site. It's so well done - go pick it up. Now.

Ran into Will on the subway platform last night, and he's going to be able to set us aside tix for Saigon's closing, very cool. We will have to rush from the show to the apartment so not to miss the Superbowl kickoff tho. Last year, I watched the Superbowl with my friend Peter, and I remember being on crutches then, from last year's foot debacle.

Speaking of feet - no air cast today! I AM walking with the cane, and taking extra care as I'll be on my feet all day (as opposed to the few hours that I walked around sans-cast over the weekend). So far I'm doing OK - I should have brought my knee brace tho, since the walking cast put odd pressure on my knee joint, and it's hurting now that I don't have the cast on at all. I'll remember that tomorrow.

Something leaked, either in the ceiling or the apartment above my bedroom (the one with the annoying children), and there are damp water streaks down my wall. I left a note for the super this morning about it. I really wanted to go pound on the neighbor's door at 1.30am last night tho, when I discovered it, but I, unlike them, have some tact. I do not play the running-screaming-jumping game.

I'm in the middle of reading Paris to the Moon, a book I picked up at the Strand. The author, who wrote (writes?) for the New Yorker, moved with his wife and young son to Paris (from New York) for five years, and these are stories about their life there. I love it. There's a passage in the introduction where he talks about London and Paris:

[In London] Though the taxis were black and the buses red and Regent's Park green, the familiar street names seemed curiously to belong to another civilization, as though the city had been occupied once by another and more vivid, impreial race and had then been turned over to the pallid, gray people on the streets, who ate sandwiches that turned up at the edges. Paris, on the other hand, looked exactly as it was supposed to look. It wore its heart on its sleeve, and the strange thing was that the heart it wore so openly was in other ways so closed - mysterious, uninviting.

I want to go back to Paris.

Hey, how did we miss this earthquake in New York this morning? Must've confused it with the sounds of road construction. Or the pitter patter of the kids upstairs.

I'm doing the Copenhagen interviews tomorrow with Philip Bosco and Michael Cumpsty, over the phone. How exciting!

Mmm, Music Man tonight. Just to see it, not to do anything with the conducting.

So I had physical therapy this morning, and have been officially sprung from the air cast. Starting tomorrow, of course, as I am wearing it today. He wants me to walk with the cane as needed, but said I probably won't need it that much because I'm doing a great job walking. I got to watch the muscle in my lower leg moving all the way up my calf as I flexed my foot today, that was fun, too. So anyway, I'll be wearing my sassy K-Mart boots for a while, until I feel comfortable in sneakers or shoes on my left foot.

Now it's the fun time of year when I get to gather all of my tax stuff together - I'm supposed to have my W-2's (all three of them from this year) by the first week of February, and then I need to take them and my bank interest info and my stock options paperwork and my charitable donations receipts to my accountant. I've been having money set aside for taxes out of every paycheck, because I know I owe a lot from flipping my stock options earlier this year. I hope it's enough to cover it, as I don't want to drain my savings account to pay my tax bill. That would suck.

So ten years ago, Operation Desert Storm started. Which means that sometime in the next week is the tenth anniversary of my writing my one-act play, which went on to win the 1991 NJ Young Playwright's Competition. That was super. The play is set in the produce drawer of a refridgerator, and the characters are an egg and a piece of lettuce. And you know, after it won and was produced, all of these people who were involved kept pointing out bits of symbolism etc. that I never noticed when I was writing it. Do all writers consciously put in "symbolism"? I don't think so. I love how people tear apart Shakespeare and the other great writers of the past, by imposing their own views on the work. All I was trying to do was write a comedy.

The subways were strangely empty this morning, as everyone else in the free world has today off as a holiday. But not us. So I'm back in the freezing office (on Friday, it was really warm in here, must have been a freak accident), eating my bagel and drinking my OJ as usual, while everyone else gets to sleep in. Today's commuting CD of the day: the soundtrack from The Usual Suspects. Who is Keyser Soze?

It was so nice to have a weekend of doing next-to-nothing. I vegged on the couch, caught up on my reading, and made 16 copies of this video. And watched bad TV. And I actually ran into the bastard kids from upstairs, playing loudly outside our door. I told them they need to be quiet in the mornings, that they are too damn loud. They looked at me uncomprehendingly, probably not understanding much English. Their running-screaming-jumping game involves some foreign language.

Xceed to be delisted from the Nasdaq if they can't get their stock over a dollar by April 5th. Whoops.

Right, so Friday night (how did I space on this?), Missy and I went to see Stephen Berkoff's Shakespeare's Villains: A Masterclass in Evil at the Public Theatre (preceeded by dinner at Around the Clock, where I had a huge Cobb salad, which was just what I was craving - I don't eat enough greens at home). I wasn't expecting two hours without an intermission. Whew. He was very good, and I liked the theme of the piece, but the text really jumped around a lot, and there wasn't much closure on any of the parts he talked about, it just lurched into the next. It was enjoyable, and the tickets were free, so I can't complain too heavily. We were going to go out for cider after, but decided to just come home and chill on the couch instead.

I can't believe January is half over already. It seems like as I get older, time flies faster and faster. That is, it flies in retrospect. For instance, it seems like 6pm will never get here. And that this day is dragging out. Yet, January is half-over. Go figure.

I'm wearing the air cast today - just for safety outside. And I'm supposed to wear it for four weeks and it's only been three. I wouldn't want to do anything that would end up with my being in an operating room again. I also have to meet up with someone after work, and I told her I'd be the one with the cast and the cane - hate to disappoint!

Best news of the day - I have two Visa cards, one at a nice low 12% interest rate, and the other at 19%. So I called the higher-interest card, and asked if they would match my lower interest rate, and they did it! Amazing! Now I don't have to worry about which card to use to save money. Although I do try and pay off my card every month, it doesn't always happen, especially with the amount of Amazon shopping I do. Which I need to cut down on.

I am going to guest-administrate while James is away in London next week. He forgets that I have a picture of him in a towel. Payback time.

I love weekends. I hate the kids upstairs who play the running-screaming-jumping game at 8am on Sunday mornings, however. Their noise woke me up, and even tho I pounded on the ceiling repeatedly, they didn't stop making it. I thought about going next door and yelling at their mother, but I was too tired.

Yesterday I spent making video copies - scheduling trips to the grocery store, the washer and dryer downstairs, and the post office around the times when I had to replace tapes in the VCR. Today I'm doing the same, but while I copy, I'm sitting on the couch reading Lonely Planet books. I have this tremendous feeling of wanderlust, and I want to take a few months off and travel. Maybe in the summer. Maybe when the lease is up I'll put things in storage and go to Europe. I don't know. I just want to be somewhere else (not that New York is bad, I just want something different). To quote Bono, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

I'm wearing my boots! For the second day straight! No air cast, no bandages, just my socks and boots and I am walking around and going to the shops and I'm not in pain and this is a wonderful feeling. I love it. I will try and upgrade to sneakers this week. No cane at all!

Anyway, it's a lazy Sunday and I am going to put my butt back on the couch now and watch Mad Max while the VCR churns.

So we're sitting on the couch last night, watching ER, and I smelled smoke. Like fire smoke. The last time we smelled smoke, it was 6am on a Monday morning last winter, and the restaurant underneath our building had caught fire. Of course, it was the Monday morning immediately following my foot surgery last year, and I had to go down seven flights of stairs on crutches, in pain. Not a good way to wake up. So anyway, last night, smoke. We heard sirens blaring towards Broadway, and at a commercial break we went out on the deck to see if we could see flames or anything - but nothing. After ER, Missy and I walked down Fulton Street towards the smell of smoke, and indeed, there was a fire in a four-story building on Nassau Street, just south of Fulton. They had it all put out by the time we got there, but there were fire trucks and police cars and ladders all over. As we were standing there, a cute fireman came over and we asked, "What happened?" He replied with a shrug, "A fire." What a hunky fireman! Why are most firemen so good-looking? Not fair. Since Missy was in her pajamas, and it was cold out, we turned around and went home, narrowly avoiding the puking drinker outside the local scary bar (Fantasia).

And that was the excitement of the night.

I didn't sleep well at all last night - kept having weird dreams that woke me up every hour or two. Very strange. I remember dreaming that I was sick, and this morning, I'm all congested and runny-nosed. My foot is also aching strangely - last night it was hurting for no reason, and it's achy this morning. At physical therapy, we stretched it out really good, but it's still there... I must've strained it somehow. So this morning I'm just very tired and feeling worn-out. Oh, and my Pilot crashed again! I sent a note to our Operations VP to ask if I can get it replaced or serviced or what. Very frustrating to lose my Dope Wars high scores twice in a week. But seriously, I use the Pilot daily for tracking just about everything, so losing the data in there, and having to re-sync it, is a pain. It's a good thing I back it up multiple times a day.

Tonight is work-related dinner at 6pm, and then new ER at 10pm. Tomorrow night, Missy and I are seeing Shakespeare's Villains - a one-man show at the Public Theatre, that should be a lot of fun.

So it's just a very blah day so far. I'm trying to take it in stride tho, because the rest of the week has been going so well. And it's cold out (although it's warmer than yesterday, barely), so I just want to crawl into bed and stay there. But I'm just having one of those mornings where I want to put on Pink Floyd's The Wall and hit repeat on "Comfortably Numb". God bless Napster.

I called the folks at Dodger about conducting The Music Man, but haven't heard back yet. I'm also waiting for a call back from the press folks for Copenhagen so I can go do the interview. That's going to be fun, I'm putting together a list of questions now.

Ahhh, my next fifteen minutes of fame are rapidly approaching. I scheduled my conduct-the-Music Man thing for Tues, February 13th. If anyone wants to come, and I haven't already sent you an email about it, let me know, I have a discount code for $50 tickets floating around. It's going to be a blast. I'm going to see the show next Thursday from the pit to chill with David, the musical director, and see what we'll be doing. In a matter of impeccable timing, Mom and I already had tickets to see it next Tuesday, so it'll be Craig Bierko fest all week long!

Jen, Keith, Matthew and I went to see Miss Saigon last night, to see Will with Lea. We were going to meet in the lobby at 5.30pm to get our tickets, so I left work at 5pm to get there in time. But there was something going on with the subways - I went to the 33rd Street 6 train, and the platform was packed like a sardine tin. I waited for ten minutes, but no train came. I decided that waiting any longer would make me late, so I went upstairs to hail a cab. Not a cab in sight! How annoying. I went up a block to 34th Street and took the crosstown bus (also crowded) to 7th Avenue, and then took the 1 train uptown. Whew. And it wasn't just a rush-hour thing, it was a little too early for it to be rush hour, and I found out this morning that most of the other train lines were jam-packed, too. What's up with that... Anyway, I made it to the theatre just in time for Jen and I to get our tickets, and then we all went to Cosi for sandwiches, soup and hot chocolate (because it was really, really cold and windy out).

Anyway, the show was decent, if tiring in the non-Will scenes, and we ran into Will on the subway afterwards.

I volunteered to make copies of a video I have for folks on a mailing list that I subscribe to, and the response has been overwhelming - I'm making copies for people in the US, the UK, Australia, France, Northern Ireland, Amsterdam and Hungary. Pretty cool. I'll be able to plan my next set of vacations to visit people I swap videos with. This means I'll be tying up the VCR for the next oh, three weeks or so. I'm going to have to take up a fund for a head-cleaning kit for the VCR soon, it's getting a lot of use lately.

I wonder how much colder it can get in the city. Not that I want to find out, but I just wonder. It's freezing. As I say every year around this time, "I can't wait for it to be August so I can complain about how hot it is."

I started to read Chocolat on the subway to work this morning, and so far, it's as magical as the movie was. I want to go and see it again, I am just amazed at how beautiful Juliette Binoche is. She's stunning. And the language of the book, and of the film, is delicious.

Hey, what's wrong with looking up info about potential dates on I do it all the time. I search for my own name even more frequently.

Summer of '42 is coming to Broadway in the fall - how cool! Jen and I saw it in workshops, and then at the Goodspeed Theatre in CT last year, I'm very excited that they're going to bring it to Broadway. Excellent.

I'm loving physical therapy - my foot feels so much better than it ever did in this last year. I had a different therapist this morning, since my regular one got called for jury duty (I feel his pain, I got called for the 22nd), and she was great. Anyway, they both said I'm making a lot of progress and I can definitely tell that I am. It feels great. I can walk! It's a miracle!

Yup, still have the crush on Jerome Pradon. Hrm. What to do about that.

I am annoyed at RCN ("No, annoyed? Go on!") - they seem to have crashed my FTP connection mid-upload again, so this file is truncated. I hope I have it backed up at home, as the local backup is also truncated in the same place. Ugh. People who take things literally annoy me, too. I had written on my page once that Eve's mom introduced me to Dorothy Parker. Well, yes. To her WORK. Not to Dorothy Parker herself, who had been dead for seven years by the time I was born. Jeez.

Oh I am excited! The good folks over at Fynsworth Alley, knowing that I love Copenhagen, asked if I wanted to guest-interview the cast for their website! How snazzy! I'm waiting for them to get back to me with details etc. Now I have to come up with some good questions (apart from, "Mr. Cumpsty, what're you doing after the interview?").

Happy Birthday Mom!

Whew - my Pilot synced up OK with my desktop at work, so everything is restored. Except my DopeWars scores, but I can deal with that. I'm just happy to have everything back on the Palm. I've really grown to be dependant on it. Judith pointed out that Vindigo has a London edition, so I downloaded that, too. I wish I'd known that before I went! But next time...

I picked up Chocolat from Amazon - can't wait to read it. I hope it's as good as the movie, which I loved.

I'm having one of those days where I'm tired enough to be slightly cranky. I'm frustrated at work in that nothing I say seems to be taken into account, and that I'm doing work that isn't tech-related at all. That annoys me. And while one of our projects is never-ending, the other seems like it won't get started at all. It's damp and gray in New York. The snow is mostly melted, but it looks dismal overall. Bleh.

Ha! Don't date the actors. Is that like, "Don't feed the animals"?

In addition to bringing back an even larger crush on Jerome Pradon, I brought back lots of Cadbury's chocolate from London. I could eat this all day. That would be bad. But I could do it. Both of those things are probably bad, come to think of it.

I asked Joe if I could borrow his VCR-computer-CD burner combo again to record some CD's from a video. I need to figure out how to do that at home, but I don't have a CD burner or a video capture card or the right cables. Hrm.

Well, actually it's 1/8/01, but whatever. It's late, and I think it's 6am still!

I think I had the most perfect weekend, or something close to it. I was distressed to see an hour-long line at the check-in desk at Newark, but I managed to get the bulkhead seat by asking politely. Very cool. I went to the gate to wait to board the plane, and they called my name over the intercom - I had no idea why, but that's never good. I went over to the desk, and they gave me a new boarding pass - and told me that I had been upgraded to Upper Class "as a courtesy"! I almost cried! I've only flown first class once before, one-way to Chicago for work last year, and this was even better. They take your coat when you get onboard, there's so much room... the seats recline all the way (I slept! Really slept!), you can have food whenever you want it, massages and manicures, duvets instead of thin blankets... I never want to fly coach again. Of course, it's probably an arm and a leg to fly first class if you have to pay for it. I love Virgin Atlantic.

So of course I was thinking the trip can't get any better. I get to London, and go find my hotel. It's right off of Russell Square. And there was a sign for "Crowe Scaffolding" up on a building. And some Australian guy asked me for directions. It's a sign, I'm telling you!

Anyway, took a nap for an hour and then went to meet Tim at the museum. They've restored the Reading Room at the British Museum and put in this marvelous glass-canopied lobby area which is just stunning. We walked around the museum for a while to kill time (it was only 3pm after all). Decided not to go and see the Copenhagen matinee on Saturday as planned, and picked up tickets for The Beautiful Game again instead, making it a true ALW weekend. Since we had LOTS of time to kill, we decided to eat at TGIFriday's, since the service was so horrible last time. Unfortunately, they served our meals on time and we ended up with an extra hour to kill, so we just hung out in the pub until it was time to go to WDTW. Our seats for Friday night were in the last row of the Upper Circle, which was perfect for what I wanted to do. 'Nuff said. Jerome Pradon - still a sexy bitch. Don't know what it is, but I really like him. The show was good, too. I was so tired afterwards that I didn't want to go do pub time or anything, just sleep. So I went back to my (tiny, cheap) hotel and did just that.

I slept until 11am on Saturday. It felt great. The only bad thing of the weekend happened in the morning - my Palm Pilot crashed and I lost everything. Luckily I have it all backed up on my work computer so I can sync it up again tomorrow. Went out and bought all of the things I needed to buy to bring home for people, and dropped a note for JP at the Aldwych stage door, which I hope he got. Then off to The Beautiful Game. There were understudies on for the two male leads, but the show was still as strong as I remember - I really am glad I got to see it again. Dinner at Wagamama's, which opened a convenient restaurant in Covent Garden, and then back to Whistle. We had an hour before the show started to wait, so we hung out outside the theatre. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton walked right past - I asked ALW for a photo but he declined. I later read that the matinee of WDTW had a lot of technical issues, and he wasn't too pleased about that.

The closing performance was amazing. We were in row D of the Stalls, and it was so great to see the show from that close - much better than the night before and much much better than the two previous times I had seen it. Oh, it was terrific. There was a set mishap during Act 1 - much like the ship not sinking in Titanic - the freeway didn't go all the way up during a scene change, and they had to stop the show for 10 minutes while they fixed it. Luckily, the show did go on, and was so energetic. The entire cast and crew came out at curtain call and there was lots of applause. I didn't wait at the stage door because there was a huge crowd and I had lost all of my nerve to say hello to JP. Sigh. Went to the pub across the street, and a bunch of cast members came in, but he didn't. Ah well, I left a card.

I was thinking the only way the trip could be better (in addition to running off with JP, that is) would be if Virgin upgraded me to Upper Class again, but alas, no. But as we were coming into JFK, I looked at the customs form of the guy sitting next to me, and saw that he had written "Fulton Street" as his US address - so I asked if he lived there (he had a UK passport, so you never know), and he said he did. So we shared a cab and it turns out he's Irish (oh my), cute, and employed. What fun! We exchanged cards and Jen and I are going to pump him for info on Ireland for our next trip.

Anyway, it was a great, if tiring, weekend, and I'm really glad that I decided to make the trip - I think I'd be kicking myself if I didn't go.

How much do I love Copenhagen? It's such a great play, and Michael Cumpsty is amazing in it. I'm glad we got to see it again before it closes in a few weeks, and it was great to see it from the orchestra instead of the stage seats. Tim and I are planning to see it in London on Saturday afternoon, but I'm not sure if I'll be up for sitting through it again - it's kind of heavy. I'll have to see how I feel on Saturday and see what else has tix available in case I don't want to do it. I could deal with seeing The Beautiful Game again, too, we'll see what happens.

I'm so tired today. I could barely drag myself to physical therapy this morning, and I'm still sluggish. I'm going to go home a little early from work so I can take a shower and finish packing my stuff before my 9.30pm flight tonight. I can't wait to get to London, I love it there. And I'm flying on Virgin again, which is my new favorite airline. I called Virgin to ask about getting a bulkhead seat because of my cast, and they said I have to do that at check-in. Hopefully I'll get lots of legroom!

And everyone is back at work today and it's back to being not-quiet!

Anyway, I am out of here - have a great weekend, I'm sure I will.

So Matthew, Jen, Trisha and I went to see Jane Eyre last night - which I was correct in calling Jane Error. Well, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. But it certainly wasn't very good. What can I say... for a show set in Yorkshire, there was a surprising lack of Yorkshire accents. In fact, out of the cast of twenty or so, there was one. James Barbour? Brooding, yes, attractive, no. I didn't see any chemistry between the leads, nor did I see where they fell for each other. Maybe I should have read the book before seeing the show, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a well-written show. This was not well-written. Jane and Rochester were both unappealingly drawn characters, and I didn't want to root for either of them. They could have cut the first 20 minutes of the show and put it all into a song - not needed. I didn't like the first person/third person narration switching back and forth, and the Secret Garden-style ghosts (?) didn't help. Marla Schaffel is too beautiful to play Jane, especially with all of the references to how homely she's supposed to be. At the end, when Rochester is blind, I was thinking, "That's OK, because she's ugly." And I loved the lighting and sets - very realistic, and very detailed work done through the lighting - I sense a Tony here. The little girl (Adele) annoyed me - but then, prissy kids usually do. I really liked some of the score ("Sirens", the gypsy number, the "Painting my Portrait" one, and anything Mrs. Fairfax sang). I think James Barbour has a tremendous voice. So does Marla Schaffel. I thought Rochester exclaiming things like, "I'm a right bastard, but I have a heart of gold hidden somewhere inside me" was rather silly - don't say it, express it or do something to show it, it sounded silly coming from him. Eh.

Anyway, those were the random thoughts I jotted down last night after seeing it. I don't think I need to see it again. Thank God we didn't have to pay for the tickets! Copenhagen tonight tho - can't wait! This is Blair Brown's last week, so I'm glad we're getting to see her again.

I got called for Jury Duty again - I served in 1997 or 1998, but I don't think I saved the little card with the dates on it. I don't know how long a time period there is before they can call you again, so I have to call the jury duty folks and find out. I really liked it the last time, tho.

My site usually gets around 1500-2000 hits a day. Because of it being listed on yesterday, check this out, from my logfile summary:

Today, there have been a total of 143789 accesses by 14582 unique hosts viewing an average of 9.9 pages related to Of these, 0 (0%) have been from, and 143789 (100%) have been from outside hosts. There have been a total of 144192 hits and 403 errors related to, accounting for 100% of total server hits and consisting of 3556971 kilobytes of information. There have been 5991.2 accesses per hour, and at this rate, will get 143789 accesses today.

Intel! Up 8% today! GO GO GO!

Nope, still can't get used to writing 2001 on things. I wrote my first check (rent, joy) and almost forgot. How strange.

I can't believe I watched ten hours of Whose Line is it Anyway? yesterday - they were only supposed to show eight hours, but no, they showed ten. So I watched it all. Love that show. Love.

Whoa! The article that Lee wrote, that mentions me, is on the front page of today - no wonder I'm getting so many weird emails! It's the article called "Net Voyeurs Tell All." It's really amazing the quantity of email I'm getting today. I'm glad Lee told me that the link was there today, or I'd be wondering what I'd done to deserve such bounty ("What have you, my good friends, deserved at the hands of Fortune that she sends you to prison here?" "Prison, my lord?" "Denmark's a prison." "Then is the world one?" etc).

Physical therapy this morning was fun, I love being back on the treadmill, and learning how to walk all over again. It's harder than I thought, but I'm enjoying it. And while most of the office is back today, it still seems very quiet. Actually, I have to amend that. Some of the office is back today. I'm still the only person in my room (out of three of us), and while Evan is back, David is MIA. So it's kind of like last week. Nevermind. One of our vendors sent me a snazzy fleece jacket with their logo on it. However, I must come off larger-than-life in meetings, as they sent an extra-large. Ah well.

The third and hopefully final draft of my book proposal is printed, sealed and ready to be mailed.

The Kevin Kline Hamlet is available on VHS from Broadway Archive - support these folks, they're doing a great job in sharing Broadway videos. Legal ones, that is. I, of course, have already ordered it. Love Hamlet. I was happy to find out that one of the partner companies Kristin and I talked to is headed by a former actor who actually played the role! We had a great time at lunch when we met, talking about the play and various books about it, etc. I love meeting people who do what I do and also have a fabulous "other life" - life is NOT work! Entirely.

Tonight - Jane Eyre. Tomorrow - Copenhagen. Thursday - London!

How weird to type 2001!

They say that what you're doing at midnight determines how your year goes. Well, this year at midnight I was standing on the subway platform, waiting for the C train home, playing Mozart's Requiem on my walkman, and reading Hamlet on my Palm Pilot. So I guess I'll spend a quiet, peaceful year waiting. For something.

I went to Trisha's around 7pm or so, and spent a very nice, very quiet evening there - it was a change from the past few years. Last year I threw a very loud party that didn't break up til 4am, the year before we were at Peter Shankman's party, and the year before that we were at Dona's on Long Island - and at midnight that year we were driving around, getting lost. So this year was a nice break from all of that, and the first year since I've been legal that I didn't have a single drink. My teetotaling year. At about 11.45pm, I decided that as we were ten blocks from Times Square, I didn't want to get caught in the subway crush that was bound to ensue, so I left before the ball dropped and went to catch the train. Amazingly, the crowds did not surge into the cars at 42nd Street, and I made it home with no problems. I had taped the NY1 coverage, since they do the best job with all things local, and just finished watching it. And was so glad that I didn't go out into that crowd.

I celebrated the first day of the year by watching all eight hours of Comedy Central's Whose Line is it Anyway? marathon. It's still on, actually, I'm just taking a break. There isn't nearly enough Tony Slattery for me! But most of the episodes do have Greg Proops in them, and he's appearing at Caroline's Comedy Club in a few weeks - maybe I'll go see him.


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